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About The Maigue

Catchment Area

The Maigue Catchment covers an area of over 1000 square kilometers stretching from near Charleville in North Cork to the Shannon Estuary taking in almost a third of county Limerick along with areas of Co. Tipperary and Cork.

Water Quality

Unfortunately, water quality in the Maigue is not as good as it could be. The main problem is excessive nutrients such as phosphorus which leads to excessive weed and algal growth with is called Eutrophication.


The River Maigue and its tributaries support a great variety of fish species. Seventeen fish species have been recorded from the rivers of the Maigue catchment, in both the tidal estuary and in the freshwater reaches.


The trust is involved in projects including a proposal for a Locally Led Agricultural Measures in partnership with farmers and farm organisations. As well as a pilot project to eradicate Giant Hogweed from the Loobagh.

Plant & Animal Life

Rivers and their banks often have high levels of biodiversity and can act as safe corridors to allow species to move through the landscape. Many species of plants, animals, birds and fish populate the Maigue catchment. One of the most beautiful and elusive is the Kingfisher.

Kingfishers are a brightly coloured birds and often all you will see of one is a bright flash of orange and blue. Kingfishers prey on small fish and insects. Kingfishers excavate their nest into the bank of the river. The tunnel to the nest can be up to a meter in length.

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Community Engagement

An essential element of the work of the trust is engaging with the communities who live and work along in the Maigue Catchment. This will help to raise awareness of the river and will also help the trust to better understand what local people want for and from their river.

A consultation evening was held with a range of individuals, organisations and businesses from the catchment in the Old Church of Ireland, Bruff in January of this year. This evening helped clarify the aims and objectives of the trust and establish firm priorities.


Education and Awareness

In developing its education and awareness programme, the trust is aiming to:
  • raise awareness of the multiple benefits that healthy waterways offer to all sectors of society and of the ways in which we can all impact water quality as we go about our daily lives;
  • embed the idea that economic, social and environmental sustainability are inextricably linked and
  • empower communities to manage their rivers in a way that allows them to achieve the benefits they need while at the same time protecting water quality and biodiversity.
  • Education

    Sports along the Maigue

    The Maigue Catchment has huge potential for amenity use such as kayaking, fishing, swimming, rowing, walking, cycling and even canyoning! The trust aims to work with local groups and landowners to develop the amenity use of the river in a sustainable and sensitive manner.

    The Maigue is a picturesque and peaceful river and some sections are very well suited to canoeing at certain levels. Attempts are currently underway to improve access to the river for canoeists at Croom and Adare. River access in Adare will also facilitate boating downstream of Adare.

    {As on any river, canoeing can be dangerous and inexperienced paddlers are advised not to undertake a trip on the river alone.}


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